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Leonid Alexandrovich

Leonid Alexandrovich Rozin was born on May, 27, 1927 in Leningrad. His youth passed during the hardest time in the history of the country - war and post-war periods. As a child he has lost his parents and was evacuated from blocked by fascists Leningrad to the Urals with orphans' home. After the end of the war L.A.Rozin returned to Leningrad and entered the Leningrad Polytechnical Institute faculty of physics and mechanics. Living in conditions of constant lack of money and starvation L.A.Rozin seriously busied himself with scientific work. His teachers, faculty of physics and mathematics professors A.I.Lourie and L.G.Loytsyanskiy influenced on his passion to the scientific researches greatly.

After graduation from the institute in 1951 Leonid Alexandrovich Rozin worked at the Far East, then - in the "Lengidroproekt" Institute (company, designing hydro power plants and hydrotechnical constructions), and meanwhile continued his independent scientific activities. At that time L.A.Rozin's first scientific works in the sphere of hydrodynamics were published. Particulary L.A.Rozin managed to obtain the first analitical solution in the theory of non-stationar boundary layer.

Later scientific interests of Leonid Alexandrovich Rozin moved to the problems of structural mechanics and theory of elasticity. Working in the "Lengidroproekt" Institute L.A.Rozin obtained some scientific results, which were applied in the designing and analysis of gravitational dams with built-in turbine-rooms at Ulza (Albania) and Sanmynsya (China) hydro power plants. At that time administration of the "Lengidroproekt" Institute was activly supporting scientific work of its employees and published scientific magazin "Lengidroproekt Transactions", where L.A.Rozin's articles appeared regulary. A big assistance to L.A.Rozin was rendered by the institute head engineer A.L.Mozhevitinov, later - professor in Polytechnical Institute, the head of the hydrotechnical constructions department.

In 1958 L.A.Rozin, by that time well known specialist in hydrodynamics and strength analysis, was invited to the computational laboratory of Leningrad State University. Working there L.A.Rozin didn't break with hydrotechnical engineering, many of his researches were still tackled with hydrotechnical constructions analysis. L.A.Rozin has developed differential equautions operators disjunction method for creating pivot approximations for shells. This approach became basical for "arch-console" method of arch dams analysis, which was applied to the computation of stresses in the arch dams of Chirkeyskaya, Ingurskaya and Sayanskaya hydro power plants. L.A.Rozin's doctoral thesis, defended in 1968, was devoted to this method (his candidate thesis represented a work in the sphere of hydrodynamics).

The same year L.A.Rozin was invited to the Polytechnical Institute as a head of the structural mechanics and theory of elasticity department, in 1969 he became a professor.

L.A.Rozin's appearance at the department accelerated the development and introducing of modern structural mechanics, based on numerical methods, especcially - Finite Elements Method (FEM), to educational process and scientific work. L.A.Rozin's activities, which aimed to popularize and introduce the Finite Elements Method, which has become now the main structural mechanics method, computational tool of the XXI century, was of great importance. L.A.Rozin's book "Hydrotechnical Constructions Analysis Using Electric Digital Machines. Finite Elements Method", published by B.Y.Vedeneyev Hydrotechnical Research Institute in 1971 was the first book on Finie Elements Method in the USSR, and his book "Basics of Finite Elements Method in the Theory of Elasticity" (Leningrad Polytechnical Institute publ.,1972) - the first Russian manual on FEM.

L.A.Rozin's activities in this direction were followed by publishing other his books "Pivot Systems as Finite Elements Systems" (1976), "Application of Finite Elements Method to Elastic Systems" (1977), "Variational Statements of Problems for Elastic Systems" (1978), "Deformable Systems Statics Theorems and Methods" (1986). L.A.Rozin read lectures on FEM in different universities, institutes and companies in Leningrad, other cities of the USSR, abroad.

At the same period educational process transformation was started at the structural mechanics and theory of elasticity department. For the first time in the USSR the structural mechanics course was redirected from graphical to numerical methods, special course on FEM was developed, FEM started to be applied in students' degree works.

Training and retraining of scientific and engineering specialists in the field of strength analysis were promoted by schools-seminars on Finite Elements Method, organized by L.A.Rozin. These schools-seminars were very popular and gathered specialists from all over the country. 10 such schools-seminars were held in different cities of the USSR.

School-seminar on FEM participants, Ust-Narva, 1987
School-seminar on Finite Elements Method participants. Ust-Narva, 1987

L.A.Rozin's scientific transactions are also devoted to the development of complicated one-dimensional problems solution numerical methods, Maxwell-Mor energy method development in the theory of elasticity and theory of shells, Finite Elements Method development and applications, development of the theory of elasticity problems new statement forms (with deformational boundary conditions), development of theory of elasticity problems in infinite domains solution methods, development of theoretical basics for deformable elements with finite number of freedom degrees, non-linear structural mechanics problems and problems with unilateral joints solution methods, etc. Results of the researches, obtained by L.A.Rozin, his officers and disciples were applied to the analysis of hydrotechnical, industrial and energy constructions, elements of water-flow channels in hydro power plants, rotary pump fans and in other spheres.

Leonid Alexandrovich Rozin devoted and devotes much time to the qualified researchers training. He has been a consultant of approximately 100 candidate and 10 doctoral thesises. L.A.Rozin's disciples V.I.Slivker, V.V.Lalin, A.V.Vovkushevskiy, S.G.Shulman, B.I.Korneyev became professors, well-known specialists in the sphere of strength analysis.

Leonid Alexandrovich Rozin has a high prestige amoung scientists and engineers of St.Petersburg, Russia and other countries. He is often invited to participate in different international conferences and symposia on solid body mechanics, to experts' groups and commissions of different kind. Leonid Alexandrovich Rozin was awarded a title of the Russian Federation Science and Technics honoured worker. He continues active research and pedagogical work. In 1998 his new book "Theory of Elasticity Problems and Numerical Methods of Their Solution" was published.

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