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Structural mechanics is studied during two terms at the 3d course, 5 academic hours per week (2 - for lectures and 3 - for exersises and laboratories). The goals of the course are:

  1. To provide an ability of pivot systems models for structures and constructions formation and analysis.
  2. To provide a knowledge of statically determinate and indeterminate pivot system analysis methods under the static (force, temperature, kinematic) load.
  3. To provide an ability of simple models analysis without using computer tools.
  4. To develop a skill of solving pivot systems structural mechanics problems using computers.
  5. To develop a skill of the results obtained trustworthines and accuracy estimating and ability of their analysis.
  6. To develop a skill of the structures stress condition analysis and estimation.

The program of the course includes:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Plane pivot systems structural analysis.
  3. Plane statically determinate systems analysis.
  4. Influence lines and matrices
  5. Theorems of elastic systems. Displacements computation in statically determinate pivot systems.
  6. Forces method for statically indeterminate pivot systems.
  7. Forces method application to beams, frames and arches analysis.
  8. Forces method application to beams on compliant basement and compliant bearings analysis.
  9. Displacements method, combined method.
  10. Pivot systems as finite elements systems.