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Computational mathematics is studied during one term at the 2nd course, 3 academic hours per week (1 - for lectures and 2 - for laboratories). The goals of the course are:

  1. To provide a knowledge of engineering problems statements, described by differential equations.
  2. To provide an ability of stating simple engineering one-dimensional problems.
  3. To provide a knowledge of main numerical methods for solving differential equations.
  4. To develop a skill of mesh methods application for solving engineering problems.
  5. To develop a skill of modern software application for solving engineering problems, described by differential equations.
  6. To develop a skill of the results obtained trustworthines and accuracy estimating and improving.

The program of the course includes:

  1. Engineering problems, described by differential equations, their classification.
  2. Numerical methods for initial problem solution.
  3. Numerical methods for boundary problem solution.
  4. Improvment of the obtained numerical solution.